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My goal with this newsletter is to provide you with actionable advice, frameworks and guides to grow your career and your business based on my experience as an operator over the last 10 years at companies like Uber, Meta and Rippling.

Level up your execution

My work has ranged from scrappy 0 ->1 efforts (launching new countries or products) to growing and optimizing business and product lines that touch millions of users.

In this newsletter, I am drawing on these experiences and covering how to think through problems from first principles, decompose them into manageable pieces and use structured frameworks to solve them.

More importantly though, I’ll get into the weeds of how to apply things in practice.

Plenty has been said and written about the importance of execution, but there is little concrete guidance on what it means to execute well. High-growth companies are famously bad at onboarding and training, and most online content is too high-level to be actionable. When it comes to execution, the devil is in the details.

Level up your career

In addition to providing a toolkit to solve problems and implement solutions, I am also writing about how you can grow your career as an operator.

  • How do you maximize the impact of your work (and that of your team)?

  • How do you build a reputation for getting stuff done?

  • How do you set yourself apart and get promoted?

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Actionable advice, frameworks and guides to grow your career in Tech. Based on first-hand experience building Strategy & Analytics teams at Uber, Meta and Rippling.


Built & led Strategy & Analytics teams at Rippling, Uber and Meta